Budget Design Pt 1: Kitchen

Hey guys! Did you miss us?


We have been in a whirlwind over here. We sold our home, lived in limbo, bought a new one, and immediately dove into full renovations inside and out. We’ve also traveled, spent so much quality time with family and friends, and of course stayed busy as ever creating magic all over KC! All that said, we missed you, and figured you maybe wanted to hear more from us on this humble little blog.


We hope you’ve been having as great a summer as us and the AC is kicking wherever you are, as you settle back and join us in part one of our new blog series: Budget Design! It’s become more apparent than ever as we continue working on our new place that - prepare yourselves - home renovation can get pricey and fast. Shocking, no? With that in mind, we wanted to introduce a series that would help you pinpoint details to update in your various spaces that aren’t necessarily a full-on renovation, but will still make a big overall impact.


    The first room we’re going to tackle is the kitchen: maybe not your first choice for cheap, but easy nonetheless. Promise! Below are three low-budget, high impact ways to change up your look.


  1. Change your drawer/cabinet pulls!

I hope this isn’t a surprise to you, but I’m always caught off guard by the amount of folks that don’t realize just how much this is dragging down your cabinetry. Even if you aren’t looking to do a full cabinet replace, just taking out those ultra-shiny brass knobs that came straight out of the 90’s and switching them with something modern and interesting is an instant facelift. Living in the age of Amazon, you can find just about anything there in any price point, and if you aren’t in new-cabinet-budget-land but still have a slightly larger spending pool, places like CB2 and even Anthropologie have some killer pulls that will become a focal point. Best thing about this small facelift? You can keep them and re-use them if and when you do get to add some new cabinetry, after which you can pour yourself a drink of choice and congratulate yourself for thinking ahead. Go ahead, you deserve it.





2.) Add a rug

    I don’t know if you’ve been on Pinterest lately, but rugs in kitchens are having a MOMENT. We all know that laying fresh hardwoods, re-finishing old, or putting in new tile is not at all cheap, but guess what? You don’t have to stare at that boring floor forever! Do you have neutral floors that are ‘meh’ but not in total shambles? Get in there with some grout cleaner and a mop, then throw down a rug (or two!) and see your space take on a whole new life. We’ve never shied away from the power of textiles on this blog, and kitchen rugs are no different. You can use them to tell your color story, distract from a mediocre floor, and again, they don’t have to go away if/when you get new floors! You proactive genius, you. Here are a few of my current faves:



3.) Add some shelves

    This is the most labor-intensive option on this list, so, safe to say you got this. Do you have any open wall space in your kitchen? Do you love kid-and-pet safe spaces to display your favorite dishware and fresh plants and flowers? Have you ever googled ‘open shelving’? Do you see where we’re going with this? Even if taking out all upper cabinets and replacing them with the wide open shelves of your dreams isn’t an option, hanging any shelving at all will still be a way to suggest the style in your space. Adding some fresh plants or pieces that are uniquely ‘you’ to these shelves is another easy way for you to keep eyes off of the undesirable parts of your space and focused back on the things that inspire you. If going custom isn't an option for you, places like Semi Handmade or Ikea have great options.

This was an empty wall in a project that was screaming for simple and easy open shelves!

This was an empty wall in a project that was screaming for simple and easy open shelves!


    As always, we cannot underestimate the importance of adding some fresh plants and opening a window if it’s possible. Sunlight and greenery can make a world of difference in an otherwise not-perfect spot. What do you think? Are you going to try out any of this simple switches in your home? What are some of your best-loved simple changes? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!