Every house needs a Sunroom ...

If the warm spring teases Kansas City has been dangling in front of us have you salivating for spring jackets, green grass, and sunshine (it’s a thing guys, remember?), then boy do I have a blog post for you!


This sunroom in Brookside began its life as a humble concrete slab patio, but the owners are so full of warmth and hospitality that they knew they would need a new space for entertaining that could serve many purposes. After several client meetings and a lengthy process with the city, we landed with the design that you guys see.



I really connect to this space as it has all of my favorite things: vaulted ceilings, wood paneling (done right!), concrete floors, and handmade tiles (courtesy of Cle Tile). The central focal point of the room is another love of mine, the pot-bellied stove. We went through many different design ideas for the fireplace, ‘trying on’ stucco or tile, and landed on the black stove as a way to center the room and draw the eye upward towards the vaulted ceilings to give this smaller space an airily grand feel. As a final step, we also polished the concrete floors, to make certain that no space was left unloved in this renovation.



Adding the benches to either side of the fireplace was done specifically with the idea of entertaining in mind, we wanted to be able to have a lot of seating but didn't have the space/desire for a lot of furniture. This will keep the room functional when not in use for entertainment, and provide extra seating by adding pillows and blankets when guests are in the home. If you missed last weeks blog , this room is a perfect example of transitional textiles. The more neutral tones of the room mean that the room can develop with the seasons, owner’s mood, day of the week, with just a new pillow or two on the benches. Easy! This room is still a little too chilly for plants, but I can’t wait to see what this looks like loaded up with greenery in the spring/summer, windows thrown open, sun drenching the floors…I can practically smell it, can't you?



Hopefully this completed project inspires you to spend some time looking at your own spaces for ways to bring the lightness of the outdoors in, and if you ever need help making that happen in your own home…I know a couple ;)