Second Best Coffee

If you have been to Second Best Coffee prior to the last couple weeks, you can attest to "great coffee, tight space."

We recently had the opportunity to expand Second Best Coffee, doubling the square footage of the space. Outside of adding more seating and a prep room for food, our main objective was to improve flow and functionality. No more waiting in line, while someone is sitting inches behind you and someone else is squeezing by to run coffee out!

We took down the majority of the wall dividing the two spaces, but left a half wall with industrial steel benches flanking each side. We also relocated and updated the electrical outlets to allow for easy use.

The overall design aesthetic remained in tact, we re-purposed all the wood from the previous design and moved the large bike picture to another wall. Our favorite new addition, the deconstructed road bike framed out on the reclaimed wood wall.

We were so grateful to have been able to expand this space, and if you haven't been there,  go check it out! You will have the most humble cup of coffee served by some of the nicest people. If you have been there and just haven't seen the new space, its time to go back! 

As always, if you need to build out a commercial space, remodel your home, or get fresh design perspective on your existing space, Brasstacks would be happy to help.